To the streets

… constitutionalism‚ accountability and the rule of law constitute the sharp and mighty sword that stands ready to chop the ugly head of impunity off its stiffened neck.

– Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

The rage burns fiercely today. Forgive these incautious words.

What does one say about last night? About the President’s speech and the slack-jawed response from Gwede Mantashe? How does one express a vision of the tentacles of corruption insinuating themselves into the body politic and squeezing the heart of our democracy until it can beat no more?

How does one say that the judicial system has been emasculated in its finest hour of wisdom?

Why should we continue when the monsters have won, when the center of power has shown itself impervious to reason and morality? How do we continue to think about this country with passion when the sophists have prostituted the very meaning of patriotism?  How do we continue to care when all signs point to our ineffectiveness in the faceless face of an uncaring ruling party?

The next national elections are too far away. If we wait until then we will have waited too long. The dream will be dead. The rotting corpse of our democracy will have been picked clean by the vultures that are now circling it.

We did not learn of our President’s corruption last night, that has been visible to anyone who has eyes to see for many years. No, what we learnt is that the darkness has enveloped the entire party and, as a consequence, the country. The automaton posing as Gwede Mantashe spewed it’s viscous effluent into our ears without a care for decency, without any aspect of the humanity we have come to associate with the real man.

We see many appealing to reason and to the law today. Like little children they stamp their feet and say, “This is wrong. This cannot be.” They are as fools who scream at the winter sun for not warming them enough. Who will hear them when the justices, those ‘humans as gods’, who guide us have been rendered impotent.

The alter of justice is cracked, the god of reason is gone. There is only one place left to go.

If we are to save our democracy we must take this to the streets. Pray we do it peacefully.

None of us are saints. We are all fallen souls of Adam and Eve’s spawn. This must not stop us. We must also allow to those we confront the same sins. We must declare an amnesty for any from the ruling party who are prepared to join us. We must not demand of them more truth than we ourselves will confess. We must not denigrate the party or it’s history. We must not allow our desire for victory to overcome the need for unity against the evil that envelopes us.

We must, however, be prepared to rip out the corruption at the root. As much as the President is the current symbol of that scourge, he is not the only source. We will uncover every secret donor to every party. We will expose to the sunlight every corporate influence. We will countenance no money that is not visible. We will destroy the vipers nest that gave us the Guptas and the Ruperts.

Fellow citizens of South Africa, get off your lazy arses a get to the streets.



Regime change

Shame on the South African politicians and the South African media.

I am usually quite sanguine about the doings of politicians these days. My time of impotent rage against injustice and credulity are mostly behind me.

However, this latest secret document claiming NUMSA is bent on regime change has annoyed me no end.

Not the fact that state resources are being used for political ends. That is the norm in civilized countries these days.

Not the fact that there have been Watergate style break-ins in NUMSA properties. *Yawn*

Not the fact that the document seems to be a report in the style preferred by apparatchiks and corner suite executives alike. Full of ‘facts’ dressed up to portend doom and justify a previously predetermined course of action.

What irritates me is the imbecilic phrase “regime change.”

The anal retentive author of this pathetic fecal putrescence and his paranoid paymasters should look up the word ‘democracy’.

Of course NUMSA is plotting regime change. So is the DA, the EFF and any other political party worth its salt. Forty percent of South Africans voted for regime change this year alone. You cannot be a democracy and countenance that phrase without a wry smile.

That is what a bloody democracy is about, you absolute morons. You stupid spawns of Satan. You oligarchic hangovers from Stalin and Hoover.

And SA media? I love you guys. You are witty, thoughtful, contrarian, and reasonably honest. So why do you just spew out the phrase ‘regime change’ without interrogating it? Of course we want to change the regime. Even those who don’t want a change within the regime.

This sad little document reminds me of a last minute school project or a ‘report’ that the boss needed on his desk by Monday, when you only read his request on Sunday at 5pm. It is either the work of a bright mind in a hurry or a dim mind in over it’s depth. To report on it seriously is to be a sensationalism whore.

NUMSA should hold it up as the reason we really do need regime change.