A corolally to The Theory of General Relativity

[Author’s note: I am sure this is the restatement of some basic law I have not read. I find it fascinating nonetheless.]

All energy is transmitted through mass-less or massive particles.

Energy transmitted through massive particles cannot be said to be travelling in a vacuum even if they are travelling through a vacuum.

Any mass-less particle, such as a photon or graviton, will travel at the speed of light in a waveform.

Any particle travelling at the speed of light experiences infinite time dilation and infinite space contraction. In the coordinate frame of the particle 0 time is taken to traverse 0 distance. It follows that any point on an arbitrary coordinate frame K in a vacuum would have an infinitely small effect on the particle for an infinitely short period of time.

To rephrase this: Any interaction between space time and a mass-less particle in a vacuum is infinitely small.




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