Never let a good good crisis go to waste.

-Winston Churchill

Everyone is blaming everyone else for making the attacks in Paris more important than those in Beirut and everyone is wrong. Neither is important but the entertainment value of the Paris attacks vastly exceed those in Beirut.

For the loved ones of the dead and the wounded it is a time of grief, a time of anger, a time of loss.

For those who had friends and family in Paris it was a time of fear and uncertainty; for those with PTSD, trauma responses were triggered; and for those who do not understand probability, a time heightened anxiety.

For the rest it is a spectacle. The plebiscite is roaring from their circus seats, screaming for the red team or the blue team, waving their flags. Crying foul over perceived slights to their point of view, arguing semantics and interpretations. The white team are looking on with the grim satisfaction of ‘I told you so.’

They are all enjoying it immensely.

The media owners watch their audience ratings and page views climb and privately bless whatever gods brought this boon.

Meanwhile, the body politic is wringing every unpopular change they can from of the ‘outrage.’ Ensuring that everyone understands that this is a new and terrible evolution of terror. This is a new world with new dangers. There must be more planes over Syria. You must be prepared to sacrifice a bit of privacy so they can keep you safer.

I am too old to be upset or angered by any of this. Dispassionate interest says that this a good moment to watch humanity.

People are interesting.



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