Regime change

Shame on the South African politicians and the South African media.

I am usually quite sanguine about the doings of politicians these days. My time of impotent rage against injustice and credulity are mostly behind me.

However, this latest secret document claiming NUMSA is bent on regime change has annoyed me no end.

Not the fact that state resources are being used for political ends. That is the norm in civilized countries these days.

Not the fact that there have been Watergate style break-ins in NUMSA properties. *Yawn*

Not the fact that the document seems to be a report in the style preferred by apparatchiks and corner suite executives alike. Full of ‘facts’ dressed up to portend doom and justify a previously predetermined course of action.

What irritates me is the imbecilic phrase “regime change.”

The anal retentive author of this pathetic fecal putrescence and his paranoid paymasters should look up the word ‘democracy’.

Of course NUMSA is plotting regime change. So is the DA, the EFF and any other political party worth its salt. Forty percent of South Africans voted for regime change this year alone. You cannot be a democracy and countenance that phrase without a wry smile.

That is what a bloody democracy is about, you absolute morons. You stupid spawns of Satan. You oligarchic hangovers from Stalin and Hoover.

And SA media? I love you guys. You are witty, thoughtful, contrarian, and reasonably honest. So why do you just spew out the phrase ‘regime change’ without interrogating it? Of course we want to change the regime. Even those who don’t want a change within the regime.

This sad little document reminds me of a last minute school project or a ‘report’ that the boss needed on his desk by Monday, when you only read his request on Sunday at 5pm. It is either the work of a bright mind in a hurry or a dim mind in over it’s depth. To report on it seriously is to be a sensationalism whore.

NUMSA should hold it up as the reason we really do need regime change.


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